27 May 2014

Rachel Carson - The Silent Spring

My friend the factory-farmer uses pesticides as most people do, and if you dear reader saw regional TV the advertising of agricultural chemicals would shock you. Paddocks full of mammals full of stuff to keep worms and fleas at bay, and that stuff is in your meaty dinner. The pasture is full of chemicals too because factory-farming, where stock breeding numbers are artificially inflated by artificial insemination, needs the grass to grow faster to fatten them.
All these chemicals are produced by big agri-pharma and they would do anything to eliminate the evidence of Saint Rachel Carson, who has today had the Google banner accolade.
Ms Carson was a pioneer of ecological awareness and is the patron saint of all those tree-huggers who understand the balance of the planet. Leaves make oxygen and that is so good, concrete production is a worse polluter than anything else.
My blog pal Kath at Goofing Off In Geneva really misses the oodle-ardle song of the Magpies since she had to leave Melbourne. Imagine if there were no birds at all.
Please follow this link to the Wiki of hero Ms Rachel Carson if you have never read
her 1963 book The Silent Spring.