31 March 2014

terrific honorifics

The conservative Australian government
has asked Her Majesty if they can restore
 the bestowal of her Sovereign Honours,
selected from lists submitted to her office
and usually awarded to mark her birthday
or the new year.
One year The Beatles were OBE's but John Lennon sent his back.
Instantly the/my Australian Twitter milieu has been
elevated and that is just so Australian. Also funny that
these honorifics feature in a week when
  HIS EMINENCE Cardinal Smell hightailed it back to
the luxury of the vatican apartments after
two poor shows - one at the royal commission and the
other at his farewell cathedral mass.
Some of the Twitterers know as little about it as the very politicians waffling so seriously, and have been elevated to The Peerage of Lords, Earls and a Marquis. This hardly matters when one thinks of all the Peers and Knights with legal convictions
All explained in the essential reference Yes Minister:
Bernard: “Of course, in the service, CMG stands for Call Me God. And  KCMG for Kindly Call Me God.” 
Hacker: “What about GCMG?”  
Bernard: " oh that stands for God Calls Me God".

Bless us all, as there is nothin' like a Dame Annie ODyne.