08 June 2014

only skin-deep

Sunday silliness
(I took from Clem Bastow's Twitter)

I am faffing away idle moments on similar images at Pinterest in order to avoid facing this -
This is a person treating their solar keratosis with a cream which destroys cancer activity. I have these keratoses on my forehead and cheeks and have been ignoring the tube of cream for 3 weeks. I just can't do it.
They are all over my forearms as well. The 20gram tube cost $59, but I'm lucky as Americans pay $400.

Untreated facial skin cancer spreads to a neck tumour and then to the most vulnerable part of a body, which in smokers would be their lungs. That was my father's story and he is dead now. He did not seek medical advice for pink scaly tender patches as I did.
This cream acts like paint stripper and wherever there is a cancer cell growing, the skin turns red then blisters itches and peels.
Twelve weeks from start to recovery. Q: where can I draw some strength for this?