11 November 2011

Not a joke Joyce

Under all this crap is a drophead Riley some car restorer would kill for. This disgusting collection belongs to avid Xtian Fundies who are too busy accepting the lord JC into their hearts to cleanup their bloody yard. I should never have climbed the compost heap to look over the top of the fence. No complaints will be made, as disturbing this lot will only cause mass migration of all the rodents and reptiles so comfortably housed within.
This is a temporary post just for commentors at Hawt Andrews Highrise, where Sedgwicke The Younger referenced my new neighbours (well actually I am their new neighbour and we are not gonna be good friends). . The origin of the saying "It's a joke Joyce" is the legendary In Melbourne Tonight of the 1960's where a regular comedy skit The Wilsons had Graham 'King' Kennedy playing George and Tivoli veteran Val Jellay playing wife Joyce bickering at the kitchen table, with Joyce never getting the meaning of sarcastic humour. Another George Wilson was the actual manager of GTV9 at the time and his teenage son George got studio tickets for all his Brighton pals when The Rolling Stones recorded there in 1965. Those were the days.
His 21st was at The Royal Oak on Bridge Road, where all the GTV9 staff drank, and it later became The Tiger Room where Radio Birdman played their first Melbourne gig and The Boys Next Door played their first pub gig. i was there for that too ...

better stop, but I could go on and on and on.