25 October 2011


Pre-Olympics Melbourne was so very different when Her Maj arrived in 1954 when small children were shepherded to the front of the crowds lining the streets, and sat cross-legged in safety, waiting for a glimpse of Her Maj. Those of us in school received a medallion, and I have been wearing mine this week, pointlessly in my remote seclusion.
This surreal illustration which appears to assume an 'inclusion' of various members of 'our society' is less real than if PIXAR had done it. embiggen, and then shreik.
The 'Pieta'-like glamour lubra and child defies opinion. I searched for artist name, they wisely 'anon'.
For those of you who have never trekked to the immediate proximity of Her Maj, trust me, the star thing applies. May she live long and prosper ...