28 November 2011

wild weekend

My photo, taken from our table, of the smug city seagulls on their million-dollar Federation Square perch, complacently observing us eat.
After a big Saturday Night in the best seats At The Opera thanks to the generosity of That's So Pants, how lovely it was for us both to Sunday Blogger-Brunch with Hawt Highriser, the legendary, elusive and saintly R, and Copperwitch.
We were, however, scanning the horizon for Sanity Clause who failed to appear because he was looking for his phone, left in someone else's car for the second time in a week.

After the delicious food, Pants and I really enjoyed the British Watercolours 1760-1900 collection of the NGV just up the road. See my groovy image left, showing how blatantly 'designer' Roy Grounds regurgitated the style of Le Corbusier.
See that desk top right? That is the place for paying membership fees to the NGV association. When I approached waving the application and money, the 'Attendant' fled, claiming it was closing time.
For some reason Pants blogger finds this hilarious.

We then 67-trammed to my cousin in Caulfield for a garden party with poodles, dragging ourselves away to do battle with Vline and the horror that is So Cross Station, to get back to opposite sides of regional Victoria. What a weekend.