15 December 2012

Casualty ward-off

Well dear reader, what a week.  
Doesn't Tolstoy's killer opening line about 'happy families' come to mind for that holiday?
Just look at that photo on the Order Of Service above.  That is the best photo they have of a woman now gone forever.  One they claim was a joy until Australian radio made her life not worth living.
Well a picture or ten, is equal to a thousand words of contradiction, and I see that this woman was depressed well before she answered that call.

However,  the Barboza-Saldanha family life in Bristol and London, was totally anonymous a week ago, and now, because of a pregnancy and a prank, both by Others, and the subsequent death of their mother/partner, their names get thousands of websearch results. There is no way any of us can be ready for, or survive that, and those kids have my sympathy.
Your FaceBuck photos (happy or not) become a target for newshounds the moment they get your name, so go into them now and edit and delete like mad, just in case you, like these two unfortunate teenagers, become peripheral to a major tabloid moment.
Today after the service for Ms Saldanha at Westminster Cathedral if you don't mind, The Guardian is very diplomatically referring to Mr Barboza as 'the widower'. MSM websites have reported many facts conflicting with others.  The husband is actually a 'partner' according to some.  She was alive when found, or not.  The Mirror published this - 'Police were called to a home in Weymouth Street Central London at 9.35am yesterday after receiving a report of a woman found unconscious.
The address is ­registered in planning documents as hospital accommodation.
Two ­ambulances were sent with a duty officer, however the woman was found dead.'
'however'? We know that building was FULL OF NURSES who know how to do CPR.
Two vehicles was not the prime requirement of the moment.

Someone  (a fellow nurse phoned by Ben Barboza because the "deeply religious" mother of his children had not made her usual phone calls to him)  went to check her flat on Thursday NIGHT and got no response.  There has not been a single reference to anything that happened at the hospital on the Tuesday or Wednesday after the silly call. Amazing claim that the NHS accountant was not told on Tues or Wed of the fuss at the hospital, and the two children were not told by friends or neighbours. The father claims they don't watch TV.
The private ambulance came on Friday morning 9:35am.

I cannot believe though, that a nurse intending to die, would not take the easier option of drugs from the hospital to do it with.  Hanging is unreliable.  There are 2 kinds and the one which does not require a 2-metre drop with the slipknot in just the right spot, is very unreliable. An experienced nurse would know that from all those Saturday nights receiving failed suicides while on casualty duty.
Apparently the MP Keith Vaz, the family advocate, let slip in a radio interview that "the family had not had contact with Jacintha for some time". He is on record as saying the money offered from the radio station is a joke in the face of losing their loved partner (not wife).
In defence of the radio people   I submit that this blurry morose holiday snap
After the actual Inquest next March, when we know what her last messages were, I do hope they absolve the radio people. By next March, the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge should also be secure (everybody knows that the first 20 weeks have the potential for failing), but if it is not (and she is not going well physically or spiritually at the moment) then by the time the official inquest does roll around, a very different slant on the whole thing could be the case. I do not wish this pain on the poor girl, but along with self-harm by the distraught DJs, it is something everyone currently being nasty should consider.
 IF the Duchess loses this infant there will be absolute hell to pay the son of Diana.  His helicopter squadron will probably all help him drop loads of manure (or worse)  on NewsLimited presses.

Second amazing thing is that an entire week after the phone call,  The Second Nurse, the one who actually had a conversation with Her Meljesty, has still managed to keep her name out of the news. a hospital spokesman said. He declined to provide further details, and did not respond to questions about the second nurse's condition. In this image below, is it her in the centre?
Her Meljesty, by the way, at no time on the recorded call, claims to BE a majesty, or anyone other than a "grandmother". It was the 5am end of a night shift for Jacintha who should not have had to watch the switchboard, as the hospital should have had a dedicated and trained telephonist while Mrs Wales was there.
The other fact-of-the-moment is that all the many reports of rampant sexual abuse by multi-various figures of power and popularity in the UK, have been eclipsed by this ridiculous baying for the blood of two Adelaide radio announcers.
I just want to go there and slap everybody, and it is fortunate that the only thing that could have made it all worse - The News Of Rebekah World -  is shut down.