16 November 2012

Tuxedo Cat, with rose arbor.

Twelve years ago I was working in my fence-free front garden when some children were passing with a tiny kitten. "We found it!" and they were so pleased.
"Was there a mother cat?" I asked.
"Dunno." and off they went.
I had to go la-la-la for a while, to get all the sad animal thought out of my head. However, me and St. Francis have a good thing going, and the next day they were back -
"Mum Says ... it's gunna die."
I took the kitten to work every day in a box and did the eye dropper thing relentlessly, and there she is today, on the bed in the window, waiting for a bird, any bird, to land on that power line.
We are finally re-united after she was at Boarding School (Friend's Farm Campus) during my six itinerant years. We haz a home.