02 July 2012

all frocks, no friends

"but Daddy I don't like Thetans"
We all must wish Ms Holmes good luck in finding some non-cult friends for herself and her daughter.
The whole sad thing is an undeserved gift for the MSM though.
Somebody with more time than I have, has noted that all 3 Cruise wives split at age 33, and the web is filling with bust-up gags already, and even Rupert Murdoch has Tweeted his opinion of teh evil that is $cientology.
I think Rupe has heard the stuff Nic is not allowed to say publicly, because I read a long while ago in Vanity Fair that Nicole is pals with Wendi Dengdoch and that her Grace and Chloe  have playdates with Sunday Urban. Rupert must be just bustin to print it though.

All the criticism of Suri's appearance, is because the $cientols bring their kids up weirdly   (Will Smith's kids have piercings now and they are only 13) and  Katie Holmes is obviously wanting some 'normal' for her daughter and we don't blame her.

Finally, as it's an ill wind indeed that blows no good at all - the blogger who wrote Suri's Burn Book must be thrilled that the breakup has coincided with publication of the blog's book:
Suri Tweets: ‏@surisburnbook
* Going barefoot in Paris is like showing up to the Oscars in a denim miniskirt. I mean you, Blue Ivy.
* The ONE thing Kate Middleton's future baby will be able to help me with is taking the Queen down a peg or two. God, she loves attention
*Today is Shiloh Pitt's birthday. It's too bad good taste can't be gift-wrapped -- I would have gotten her a present.
and my favourite:
* "Angelina's Maleficent film comes out in March 2013. In the meantime, you can watch E! footage from the year she stole Jen Aniston's husband."