17 January 2012

today in the 'Rat

Today I went to
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
and saw an exhibit of works

Any of them would be a
pleasure to view daily.

I also had to see the re-installed and
revered Eureka Flag after the restoration work.
The room it is in is very dark and flash is not permitted,
so I am surprised at the image really.
Seeing this flag is my version of
hallowed ground.
"The design of the flag was taken by Captain Henry Ross, one of Eureka's miners and a Canadian expatriate, to three women, Anastasia Withers, Anne Duke and Anastasia Hayes, to sew up in time for a large rally at Bakery Hill, at 2.00 pm on 29 November 1854. ".
Can you imagine the life of a woman on the diggings? All mud, dust, and tired drunken men. A bit like waiting for a popstar boyfriend to strike it rich with a hit record.

As I came out of the gallery a bike club
was assembled to resume
their ride to Warrnambool.
If you click to embiggen, you will see
a Ned Kelly doll lashed to one bike and he
has a Smurf in his pocket. I had not
been aware that Ned's infamous suit of iron
even had a pocket, but I did enjoy

the outlaw confluence of bikers,
Ned, and
The Treacherous Event Of 1854.

From the bus stop on Sturt Street,
this alley next to the old post office has
a view of the Art School built behind the gallery recently ...

... and this is the view I had
while waiting to go
11 kilometres out to
the gum trees on the edge of town
where, in spite of the CFA advising
that the area is
not defendable should there be a bushfire,
it is very pleasant to be.
An attempt to enlarge Ned & his pocket Smurf.
The flag by someone allowed to assert themselves.