08 March 2011

Style ? !

This is how it goes:
Step One: Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.
Dear Elephant's Child, a Stylish Blogger herself, has dubbed me in her list of regard, and I thank her sincerely.
Step Two: Share seven random things about yourself:
I go mental over distressed animals.
I have six blogs.
I am a nomad.
I have bailed-out a person from the lock-up.
Been taken in for questioning in two cities ...
and have a convict ancestor.
Am an only child Virgo who married an only-child Virgo.

Step Three: Confer Stylish Blogger Award on 15 bloggers.
Here are my Fab Fifteen -
1 Great Southern Jayne
2 Miss Boynton
3 Hot Andrew
4 Gone Chocco
5 Stirrers Dream
6 Red Nomad OZ
7 Not Really Austrayan
8 Cazzie Don't Do Mornings
9 Confessing Food-Nazi
10 Petticoats And Chrome
11 Fen Into The Sound
12 Redoing The Undone
13 Deanna's WORD
14 Sherry's Too Much August
15 Elisabeth In Line

Step 4: Advise your recipients of their BlogHonour.