07 February 2011

not so Bright

Missed all the Melbourne flood drama while spending the week of rain drinking a lot on the deck of a cabin right on the banks of the Ovens River, just beyond Bright in the Victorian High Country. This photo is a zoom of our foggy mountain view, and I am sorry it does not include the friendly ducks which appeared every time we did.
We visited every winery and country bakery for miles, so it was Pies & Pinot all the way from (the Heritage Listed landscape of) Wandiligong, to Mudgegonga, Beechworth and Mt.Beauty. Country-baked pies are always superior, and the historic Hides Bakery in Benalla was worth two visits for their triumphs in pastry.
We saw a male lyrebird by the roadside as we went very slowly in deep fog on the winding road over to Mt.Beauty (which isn't called that for nothing), and here is my photo
of the raging Ovens River in the centre of Bright township, where, despite at least 10 signs warning not to swim, a man and his son about 9 years old were on rubber tyre tubes oblivious to the danger of being swept away. I hope you and your companion animals are all safe, dry and undamaged.