08 February 2011

Beechworth, Victoria

As Hot Andrew Highriser did back in January, I too, had to photograph the heraldry above The Royal Arcade in the centre of Melbourne's CBD, and then I wondered how grateful those royals must have been, to allow the use of their very own coat-of-arms with Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense ... could it have been all the stonking great tons of gold we shipped back to The Empire?
Our commonwealth c-of-a has a sheep, a wheatsheaf and some goldmining tools, whereas the Royals just seem to have a lot of lions.
If AUS updated ours, it would have a cellphone surrounded by credit cards and barbecues.
I wish I had a coat-of-arms signifying the fabulousness I represent. It would have a keyboard au courant, surrounded by cats and winebottles possibly.
Last week I made my first visit to goldrush town Beechworth out in Victoria's North-East, and loved this coat-of-arms on
an 1856 bank. Isn't the crouching lion just cuddly, and not even slightly looking like he will eat Skippy & The Roadrunner ...
(I do have some readers in other countries so will just explain for them that we Aussies diss our Commonwealth heraldry by referring to the kangaroo by the name of a TV show kanga, and to the emu as that beep-beep US-desert bird)