22 February 2009

remembering our 'first'

The first time I ever went onto the WWW, the easiest site to find was The White House one, and I clicked on 'Socks The cat' and heard him miaow.
My degree of sophistication has hardly improved in the subsequent 17 years, and I will always remember dear Socks fondly.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Socks, the cat who won international fame during his years in the Clinton White House, was euthanized Friday after months of treatment for cancer.
He had been a stray and was adopted by Chelsea Clinton, the Clintons' daughter, when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas.
The cat had been losing weight since November and had been treated at the clinic, Dera said. He had been suffering from a cancer in his mouth and jaw.
Since the Clintons left the White House in 2001, Socks had lived with Betty Currie, former President Bill Clinton's secretary. The Clintons were known to have visited Socks, and Currie, when in Washington.
Socks, born about 1989, was put to sleep at Three Notch Veterinary Clinic in Hollywood, Maryland. Veterinarians say he was probably 19 or 20 years old.
(I suspect assassination by the CIA who heard he had pawed a tell-all book)