27 February 2009

Off The Rails & On The Road

"I hear that train a'comin', coming round the bend,
And I aint seen the sunshine, since I dont know when ..."
Since it is the birthdate of the Late Mr John Cash,
a rail-related post is required.
If His Beatness J.Kerouac 
had owned a Hello Kitty 
wheelie-bag, while ridin the rail, he would have 
photographed it having breakfast 
at the Ballarat Station Dining Room.

Those of you with sharp eyes will note 
the impressive Mars display in back of the KittyBag.  
The 'Rat is the home of Mars Confectionery, and 
they also own Whiskas, so stand by for chocolate-coated fish bars, or caramel flavoured catfood. Nothing would surprise me.