12 June 2008

Percy Grainger - EDW

Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882-1961)
His most popularly known composition was 
'In an English country garden', but Percy Grainger's innovations, which seem avant-garde even today, included work with Hammond organs, electronic sound-producing mechanisms, and hand-built machines to create "free music" (i.e. unconstrained by traditional pitch or beat). 
Percy's work on these early music synthesizers, installed in his living room, can be seen in the archival photos at
The Grainger Society website
eg: Percy's "Kangaroo Pouch" Free Music machine, 
set up in his living room, ca. 1950)
His musical virtuousity enabled his sartorial virtuousity it seems.
The Wiki on Grainger says that “In 1910 he began designing and 
making his own clothing, ranging from jackets, to shorts, togas, muu muus and leggings; 
all made from towels, and also intricate grass and beaded skirts".

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