17 January 2008

New Beau Brummell

For Elegantly-Dressed Wednesday
this week, we have
Style UNREPENTANT, in the unrepentant manner of
Beau Brummell.
Days ago Corey Delaney was just another 16-year-old who decided to party while his parents were out, but defiant performances in the media and his stubborn refusal to return home and face the music have transformed him into a poster boy of teenage rebellion. The thin youth with bleached-blond hair has appeared on prime-time national television in oversized plastic yellow sunglasses and a hooded camouflage jacket left open to expose a bare chest and a pierced nipple, nonchalantly declaring that he was planning another party — though at a different venue.
The interviewer advises him to “go away and take a long hard look” at himself.
He replies: “I have. Everybody has. They love it.”

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My LinksPal NINAFAT said it precisely: " ... shame doesn't work on the unshameable.
And for a generation of kids who have grown up with Big Brother,
notoriety doesn't just resemble fame - it is the same thing exactly.
Desirable in every sense."