26 January 2012

wealth for toil

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free; we've golden soil and wealth for toil; our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare; in history’s page, let every stage advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair.
Twigs Of Yore blogger has a genealogy meme
(I found thanks to My Western District Families a Victorian blogger, with whom I share the fact of our ancestors both coming here from 'the Royal burgh' of Haddington SCT in 1854)

Twig's meme is based on how did your ancestors toil?  so I submit -

one of my G-G-grandfathers - George*Sedgwick (1830-1898) toiled in Portland, Victoria,  making furniture, and that is a c.1890 photograph of him in his workshop at 137 Percy Street.  He built the Rocket Shed on the Portland foreshore, as well as doing all the interior carpentry of the first Town Hall. He did amass wealth for it, although none trickled down to me.  I do wish I had known him.

I have been toiling on my genealogy database since 1997 when P0RN was the biggest thing on the www ... and now GENEALOGY is the biggest thing on the web, so  this 26th January I celebrate nothing but this small bit of positive evolution.


  1. Great post Ann. I saw the Rocket Shed when I was in Portland, so it's good to know something of him.

  2. And I can celebrate finding your blog to follow. Thanks to Shelley's challenge I was directed here. Consider yourself followed.

  3. The shed looks like a rocket, or rockets were made there or??? Ok, I've checked. Very interesting.

  4. Hi Merron - good to see you over here.
    Jill that is so sweet of you follow my link.
    and Sharn too - be there in a sec.
    Thanks for that nice site link Andrew - I had not seen it.

  5. Great post, Annie my love. And thanks to Andrew's link, I've found not only the picture of said Rocket Shed, but also the following description of its contents:

    Cliff Street, Portland (next to History House)

    Built in 1886 by local builder George Sedgewick, Portland's bluestone Rocket Shed houses a collection of rocket rescue equipment used by the volunteer rocket crews who attended ship rescues in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The display includes 19th century rocket rescue equipment comprising: rocket and rocket launcher, a rocket line box, rocket carrier and powder box, tally boards and a megaphone. The display also includes interpretation relating to the ship wrecks in the region at which the rocket rescue equipment was used." (Courtesy of the Goulburn Shire Arts site).
    Toil on !!
    Nelly M.

  6. I'm into genealogy too. Fascinating how our ancestors toiled but most of the women of yesteryear seemed to do one thing only. they raised children and ran homes. I enjoy it when I read otherwise.

  7. Wealth for toil? Hmpf!
    I do get paid for what I do but it hardly qualifies as wealth. And I do toil pretty damn hard. It's just that I'm in a low-paying job, (menial work, people), while others I know in different jobs earn up to three times as much as me. I knew a CEO once who had all her lackeys running around doing practically everything including making her coffee, while she spent a good part of the day drinking said coffee and talking on the phone. It was a voluntary position so all of us lackeys were unpaid, while she was getting $50,000 a year. Still better than being unemployed though, since for doing this I got a little extra in my centrelink allowance.

  8. I'm with River. I think that often wealth is least likely to stick to those who toil. Sigh.

  9. One side of my family 'toiled' as market gardeners in Levi Park, Adelaide and others were copper miners in Burra and Moonta.

  10. I think it's really neat that you know about your ancestor and even have a photo of him working.

  11. Now that is a very fine ancestor in a very fine shed....doesn't it look an interesting workplace?

  12. I love genealogy! I dunno if you caught the one about my grandma Daisy, but it proved to be fairly popular... we certainly ain't the only genealogy-junkies on the web, like you say.

    I did a lot of my genealogy early (late 90s), before it was behind all the firewalls and the profiteers took over. I contributed family-trees to all kinds of databases, and now that upsets me because I did not intend the info to be used to make profit, but to connect people to themselves. bah.

    GREAT photo!

  13. Thats so amazing - bet he didn't imagine in his wildest dreams that his descendant would post his photo on her blog spot all these years later

  14. Ah, the joys of living in a 'patchwork economy' (as described by Wayne Swan). 'Wealth for toil' is SO dependent on whether or not you 'toil' for a large mining company, or the Department of Finance AND if you're part of a 'working family'!! Me, I'm just glad I've got the basics - food, shelter and travel in OZ!!

  15. Hi Ann, I'm glad you saw the post, thanks for joining in! How wonderful to have that picture of your ancestor in his workplace. Thank you for sharing that.