13 December 2014

smart as Jeffrey

Today on Mount Mercer looking toward home and Mount Buninyong 
I thought the view was a painting by Jeffrey Smart.
Anywhere I look is 'toward home' because I have had no home for far too long.
Boxing belongings all week and having to assess the retainability-factor of every thing.
Exactly how much of it is necessary? Does the Dalai Llama pack?
Does he cling to favourite books?
some of these came by mail from The Gotham Book Mart and still have the notes inside that Patti Smith wrote. After a while she put in a copy of her 7" vinyl single 'Hey Joe', she must have been so pleased to have it out. and then she didn't work there any more. 
British VOGUES 1971, 1972, 1973 all arrived by air-mail and so did their binders.
Joyously received and 40 years later I am no less shallow of thought.
Do I tote all this with me to my very end or find the strength to treasure the memory and yes I'm looking at you Marcel Proust.
le temps perdu indeed.

(images by author, text is first draft, only draft)