30 January 2014

Hot in the city tonight

'Hot town, summer in the city back of my neck getting dirty and gritty' *

Winter might be easier than summer in that one can layer on the wool, whereas to combat heat we can get down to naked and still be hot as well as NSFW.
Maybe we all need to be watching every film about people who are snowed-in: Christmas In Connecticut, Ice Station Zebra, Jeremiah Johnson, Nanook Of The North, or Downhill Racer and documentaries on Shackleton in the Antarctic, while the aircon is roaring across the state.

Pride may be one of the Seven Deadlys but I don't mind saying I have used no aircon, just a fan, because thanks to my new fascination with Pinterest, I have been totally distracted from the heat by
Pinboards devoted to cats, kittens, cowboys, cottages, castles, costumes, models, and OTTERS. It may be that otters outnumber Elvis Marilyn Audrey and LOTR pins. Oh yes it can be as mindless as it is enriching. Sourcing images has sent me off on delirious educational historical tangents, or after Ruthven Todd's  Space Cats books.  For an instant involuntary chuckle go here and enter Space Cats in the search box. Pinners devote a board to their particular interest, and there are some interesting people out there.

Shoes are big, and commenters who say "OMG Shoes!!!"  Actually someone may have put up a new shoe image like the Jimmy Choo Ugg boots selling at $1000 to very cashed-up bogans indeed so I have to get back to Pinterest now ...  X X AOD
*was written by John Sebastian and his brother, Mark, as a high school assignment for which he got
an ‘F’.
When John became the singer of the Lovin' Spoonful, the Kama Sutra label recorded and released it and it was 3 weeks at #1 on the Billboard chart that summer of 1966.
I hope that F marker noticed.

PS actually there might be more interior design than cats, check this carwash bedroom -

Wishing you all a cool breeze.