14 July 2013

new news

"NEWS Limited is changing its name as part of the split of parent company News Corporation into two entities. From July 1 the local arm of the company, which becomes part of the 'new' News Corporation, will be known as News Corporation Australia "   (LARA SINCLAIR From: The Australian June 26, 2013)'

"Our new brand and logo have been designed to support a more coherent and logical identity across the globe, and to emphasise the central part we play in the network of the best companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education and information services.  As News Corp Australia, we will build on our heritage of world-class journalism and entrepreneurialism, taking risks and innovating in order to win.'

From my own personal experience studying business at tertiary level I can tell you that hours are frittered away on that meaningless mumbo jumbo. They could not innovate or take risks without Australia in their name?

There is one standout thing about MurdCorpLtd though. Right now in Sun Valley Idaho, every really really rich business mogul is at a confab. Mostly they are old paunchy ugly and tonsorially challenged but  the only guy there who isn't ugly is Lachlan Murdoch.  Australia wins again .
(is he one of us? whatevs. probably the only Australian there at all.)

The link goes to 41 images of the people who spend money you paid for their movies, books, games, news and social media. 
Do you think Rupert looks suddenly sparkily single and eligible?