13 May 2013

let him without thin, cast the first stone

Teh interwebz was made for kitteez, and that is one adorable fat cat; the Member for Lyons, not so much.
Until I was about 37, I was skin skin skinny and did not give a moments thought to healthy diet. 27 years on, I am part of the scare statistic released today by the COAG Report saying in Australia ‘seven in every 10 men and more than half of all women are above their healthy body weight. It has warned government that more needs to be done to tackle obesity and recommends that federal, state and territory leaders note 'the lack of progress" toward reaching a 5 per cent boost to the number of Australians at a healthy body weight by 2018’.  That COAG link page is worth a visit. It is a committee which tells the government what they should be doing.
That is four carnivorous Queensland MP’s above. Check the beer guts. 
My 27.99 BMI is technically ‘pre-obese’ and they are all much fatter than me. 
What is discussed with their health-care provider, we can only guess. Mine tells me I have to reduce my weight ( I do loathe that term ‘lose weight’ – how can one lose it when it is so firmly attached? I can hear the robustly-corseted Lady Bracknell intoning now “To lose one kilo is unfortunate, but to lose two is just carelessness”.
Just check the images here – all eleven of these people are Federal MP’s (plus one PM whose backside is much bigger than my 27.99 pre-obese BMI) and they are all clearly over the 30 rating that is medically 'obese'.
To be fair, they all work long hours indoors, when they are not having a beer or sausage-sizzle for a photo op in their electorate, but on the other hand, The House Of Parliament complex
has two tennis courts and a full gymnasium, open all hours and free to these people … 
oops – and so is the cafeteria.

For those of us who do not have free gym and courts, I wonder what hope there is?
and this government is going to tell us to step away from the plate?