29 May 2013

Kohl blackens Serco eyes

In breaking news, Australian government gives lots of money to evil foreign company.
What's worse than being evil? Being evil and INEPT as well of course.

Just to reduce the image above down to 3 dates and 3 very negative facts:

1. 2013: Drug dealer and jewel thief Carlo K Kohl escapes en route from Australia back to his native Germany, despite being in the custody of TWO Serco security guards.
2. 2011 parliament inquires into Serco incompetence.
3. 2012  Serco secretly renegotiates it's contract ...

 'In Australia Serco runs Acacia Prison in Western Australia and Borallon Correctional Facility in Queensland  as well as the national contract for immigration detention centres, including Christmas Island and the Villawood detention centre in Sydney.'

The Australian government which we all elected, has those brave and traumatised 'boat people' refugees confined in various hellholes away from inquisitive eyes and the same Serco, company has been contracted to supervise those  men women and children. 

Serco Chairman Christopher Rajendran Hyman CBE, is also chairman of the Prince of Wales' charity In Kind Direct.

Serco Director (non-executive) Ralph D Crosby, was chairman of EADS, North America (the world's second largest defence company), previously, Ralph held numerous positions with Northrop Grumman Corporation (which has provided more than US100 million dollars in contracts to Australian-based companies)  prior to Serco, Ralph served as an Officer in the US Army and has a BSc from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY   (I think Paula Broadwell has one of those from there as well).

Northrops own the 'C4ISR' unmanned flying killers (oops 'weapons systems') and if you Guggle-search (C4ISR+Australia) you will find stuff that has made me nearly weep - they are right there in 
Suite 6, 260 Auburn Road
VIC 3122.

Serco reported £245 million NET income in 2012.

'Among its operations are traffic control (speed cameras), aviation, military and nuclear weapons contracts, detention centres and prisons, and schools.'

Hansard records that they have 'supervised' asthmatic babies and comatose diabetic refugees,  "in a manner without reference to our health departments", as they knew they should have.  Apparently, they have also secretly renegotiated their contract, 
so you will laugh at their webpage for Corporate Responsibility 
"CR is intrinsic to the way we bid for contracts"   (I think that reduction of a six syllable word  to an acronym is very revealing)
and that's not all - 

apparently they were asleep when 
criminal Kohn escaped from them in the Bangkok Airport 
whose authorities had not even been advised (IATA international air regulations require) that a criminal was transiting their nation.
Apparently he was not handcuffed at the time (4:30am) either.

Right now, award winning journalists are thumping out this story with more clarity than I have, but my advantage is that I can just say that Serco are evil baby killers right from the start, and now they are inept and sneaky, and I am sickened that we suck up to them because of that $100 million worth of filthy money they have 'invested' in this nation.
While we pretend to be a democracy, who TF do I see about this?