15 April 2013

hair! heir!

I would have said that Johnny Rotten was 'a child of Thatcherism'.
Wrong wrong wrong.
So my education by blogging continues today when dreary tubby old Johnny is in the news of two continents alongside the passing of Margaret Thatcher ex-PM of the UK.
I was there in 1976 for it all, so I should know better than thinking that the initial UK 'Punk' movement of fashion/music/behaviour came out of the society created by Thatcher governing.
In fact, poor Margaret had to preside (after 1979) over the punked society that actually fomented under Harold Wilson the 1974-76 PM.
Why it did is a mystery to me because he was very kind to the battlers (do read his Wikipedia entry - no really). For articulate comment on this week in London, please read That's So Pants (which never is).