27 February 2012

slow news day

OCCASIONALLY it is a real drag being the producer of any news ‘program’, but certainly not today. ‘Drop the dead-donkey story’ indeed.

Australians started the day with totally dramatic political activity.
At the finish CIA informer Arbib resigned.
What a surprise that he has that much integrity left. 28 to go.
I think of the MP absent with a brand new baby, and how her presence might have been really needed in a draw.
On the other hand, my pal Wobyn left her absolute newborn in Geelong Hospital to run a wedding breakfast she was caterer to. Mrs MP might have been blamed badly for not doing that.

We are now being flooded stupid after days of stinking heat and my spouting cannot cope and the garden is washing away. The rain gauge had 3mms in it when I wobbled down the hill to post a condolence letter, and it had 10 mms in it when I got back.

A totally heroic news reporter flung himself into the extreme danger of a fast flowing creek and swam 5 metres to grab a small boy who would otherwise have died. I hope great reward goes to him from people with more to give than I have.

Apparently handbrake failure caused a woman to be crushed by her car ‘parked’ at home, and her poor husband discovered her. Very high on the trauma scale, poor man.

The brother in law of my friend of 57 years, was killed by a hoon on a jet ski.
The horror witnessed by his 15 year old daughter I have known all her life.
I could rip the perpetrator to pieces with my bare hands for this grief.

A week ago, our news producers would have been thinking the big item on today’s agenda would be the annual Speech Night of Hollywood High School.
Now that this blog is off the radar I can speak freely and say that the big girl’s 'actin' award should not nominate anybody in a bio-pic. It is not acting but mimicry, and I can’t stand pudding-faced Michele Williams who quit on Heath when he needed a partner the most.
Marilyn wouldn’t have.
Meryl is getting boring yawn yawn, and as for Close, G., playing a guy – I hope the make-up crew wasn’t nominated because that’s what she looks like without it.
Home-wrecking bunny boiler.

Wile fully aware of the superb nominee for HUGO, I do hope Woody Allen gets the big O for his screenplay Midnight In Paris.

It is so nice that The Help has nominations, but want Melissa Thingummy to win Best Supporting Actress for the imperfectly fabulous Bridesmaids. No hope of it because her character is not exactly a role-model. She did however create the character, which is more than Michele or Meryl could ever do. Or Winslet, another loathesome pudding-face in my opinion. Oh the joy of speaking freely.

This bread and circuses would normally have us enthralled by fights, frocks, faux pas and fumbles, and who is Leonardo screwing this year, but not in the Port Melbourne houses of two good women I care a lot for, or here either really.
This says it all.

This is a First Draft. As always. Thank you for reading.