18 May 2010

acCumulated Kyneton

Autumn in Kyneton Victoria copyright Ann O'Dyne.

Joni Mitchell looked at clouds and saw ‘rows and flows of angel hair and ice-cream castles in the air’.
The technical names for cloud formations are conventionally Latin words chosen to match characteristic shapes, and so when weather-watchers recently identified a new type of cloud that has hitherto escaped classification, the name proposed for it was the Latin word asperatus, meaning ‘roughened’.

*goes off singing a beloved composition* ...
David 'asperatus' Ruffin's -
'I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day,
my girl.
I've even got the month of May,
With my girl
... '

Now please do visit the absolutely enjoyful Cloud Appreciation Society for an evanescent good time. The founder named his child Cirrus.

(thanks to Chambers Dictionary blogspot.com/ for some of the text above)