20 April 2010

Onya bike Carl

Babyface Nelson was a gangster spawned by US alcohol prohibition about 1930, and his crimes distracted the less-affluent class of society, from the privations of The Great Depression.

Recently, the activities of our very own baby-faced criminal has distracted tabloid society. Carl*Williams was bred into crime and could not take any other path in life, or out of it.
We can only hope his child escapes this heritage.

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A family friend expressed dismay at the fact that Williams was killed in jail.

''It's supposed to be maximum security, isn't it?''

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner said it was ''too early to say'' whether the killing was linked to a report in the Herald Sun yesterday saying Victoria Police had paid Dhakota Williams' private school fees.

I wonder why it is too early to say? The resourceful murderer dismantled an exercise bike to use as a weapon. Even I could have seen the potential, so I assume prison management was complicit.

"Williams' ex-wife Roberta arrived at the prison last night.

A man who answered her mobile phone said ''f--- off, you goose''. (from The Age report.)