08 December 2009

Turbine Travel 2.

Main Street Birregurra 7th December.

The two MACK bogies pulling the monster, were supported by another two pushing at the back. All were yoked together with iron rods.
The turbine was suspended in the centre of the trailer, and apparently, when it achieves it's destination, is lowered into place from the trailer, on exactly the correct position.
Origin Energy is behind all of this, and Singapore is behind Origin. Lampson are the freighters - just Guugle image them.
At least 50 people suddenly appeared at 9pm last night at my corner of Warncoort, to watch it turn onto the Princes Highway, and this one admits to the thrill of proximity to a mechanical mastodon.
Please Click-to-enlarge this photo - far left are the lead Mack bogies, just left of centre, for scale, there is a green highway sign partially obscured by the turbine itself, then the 34 rows of eight-wheels before the two rear bogies far right, and pushing the thing toward Camperdown, taking all night for a trip that is 25 minutes in a car.
Can I stress that this pic looks like a stream of traffic but is just one vehicle.
Beyond this pic, there were about 10 support vehicles - one a mobile light sign superfluously saying MASSIVE LOAD.
Others have loaded better pix at their Flicker.