29 December 2009


He wrote a genuine (no ghost writer) autobiography, My Booky Wook, which is more than most of them can claim.
He was brilliant to stand-out from a stand-out bunch in the recent St.Trinians movie.
He does stand-up comedy.
He basically played himself in Forgetting Sara Marshall and stole the movie.

I just adore @Rusty - follow him on Twitter and be beguiled.
Not only could he look like Jaqueline Onassis if he tidied up, but also, he has a website - RussellBrand.com. He has just bought a house in Beverly Hills with Katy P so I would not be surprised if he does clean up his appearance. That's what happened to Billy Connolly when he moved there. LA will do that to you. Both of them obsessive character types (Mr Connolly is a recovering alcoholic) and another one is also one of my favourite dark funny clever bad boys Robert Downey Jnr. Of course if you're reading this, you may have an obsession with your keyboard/ISP nexus, and don't look to me for help either.
This post inspired by a discussion on obsessions at Elisabeth's SixthInLine blog.