06 August 2009

Gorgeous Photography

Feeding our spiritual health is just as important as eating for physical health,
and visual beauty is everywhere to find.
Even in pigs.
I love pigs.
I don't eat them either.
This dear Babe of a piglet is a
Gloucestershire Old Spot .
The breed is known for having a strong maternal instinct and because of this, the lowlifes who factory-farm pigs, tried to add this strain to the less glorious pigs they torture.

This picture was made by Jo Sax in London for The Times as part of a set illustrating jewellery. Do follow the link for the beautiful mouse peeping out of a sparkly evening purse.
Put some joy in your heart.

If Jez Coulson* thinks it's good, that's all you need to know.
(* he said so in a comment at my previous post: Tiara for CopperWitch's birthday)