08 June 2009

Fairytale Audrey

A booky-blogger - Me and my big mouth, says this is his favourite photo of St.Audrey of Hepburn and he gets no argument from me

He also mentions Harry Lime as swine:

Harry Pigg, the only surviving brother from the Big Bad Wolf attacks, has set up business as a private detective in Grimmtown, only things aren't going too well.
Down on his luck, with bills to pay and no clients in sight the outlook is poor.
But then in walks local businessman Aladdin who needs someone to help him track down an old lamp.
What follows is a case of nursery-rhyme noir.
Funny, thrilling and always entertaining, Harry Pigg is an old breed of hero for a new generation.
It's as if Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney had walked into the middle of a bedtime story. A comedy caper for all ages. The first in a major new series.
The author, Bob Burke lives in Ireland. This is his first novel.

(That's the book-rap at Amazon.com and it appears to be suitable for children of all ages)