26 June 2009

blame it on the talent

If you don't get up and dance when you hear
Blame It On The Boogie, then you must not be breathing.
We have to thank him for that pleasure.

The sad news of his death today, makes me contemplate the poor parenting he had, his incompetent medical providers, and those poor kids.

In 1983 Michael Jackson won
13 Billboard Awards,
5 Billboard Video Awards and
was Rolling Stone's Artist of the Year.
1984 he deservedly won 8 American Music Awards,
2 American Video Awards,
5 Billboard Magazine Year End Awards, and
4 Canadian Black Music Awards.
1984 Best Performance Video, Best Choreography and Viewers Choice at the first MTV Video Music Awards show and
EIGHT of his 12 Grammy nominations.
The success of the Thriller album commercially also rejuvenated a slumping music industry that at the time hadn't seen an album with sales numbers like it for nearly five years.

******** A week later:
His burial looks like it is going to be a media armageddon.
His father and his plastic surgeon butchers, and that incompetent 'physician' with him when he died, should be buried too.

2nd UPDATE 16 July: Today's news mentions a homicide charge because
Please follow this link to the use of Propofol on MJ. Why did I immediately remember the death of Heath Ledger and it's link to insomnia drugs ? Was he Propofol-ed by some murderous quack too?