01 April 2009


I first noticed his terrific update of the beloved Flash Harry in
 The St.Trinians movie, then when I saw 
he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall 
playing a British rockstar (named Aldous 
fer godsakes,a blend of Doherty and Gallagher)
well I just lapped it up. 
The man is a contortionist or half-spider.

My days have now gone to hell as I follow in his 
@rustyrocket Twitter wake (along with a million 
others, most of who seem to be women he met on 
tour in Australia).
Get yourself to amazon.com and buy his genuine autobiography 'My Booky-Wook'.
It was 'Biography Of the Year 2008'.

I hardly ever want anything ...
anything at all, I really don't,
but I do want Russell
There is nothing more wantable than a clever funny bad-boy,
and apparently, one does not get too old for it.

My previous Big Hero was the late great self-destructo
Peter Cook, who was much more than just funny 
bless his heart and soul.
And now Russell Brand has appeared - and he 
is just as good as Peter Cook.

If you are scoffing, please do follow this link to
where you can see he is in an Aldous sequel (of course) and also playing opposite Helen Mirren in Shakespeares The Tempest (no links required for that lot)..

Just look at this nice boy with this family in Malaysia (March 2009) - did I mention he was awarded Shagger Of The Year several times by The Sun?
You probably saw him on ROVE when they covered that. Rove failed to mention that Rusty also writes a great sport column in The Guardian
(sorry no more links, work with me here)
A truly renaissance man.