12 July 2007

Vednesday Vaticana

His Holiness (any one) in The Vatican City
has always been elegantly dressed.

The red shoes.
The gold embroidery.
All that flowing white wool/silk yardage.
And the emphatic jewellery.
When I settled on him/them
for this edition of
Ben Locker's E.D.W.
Elegantly Dressed Wednesday button
I was thrilled to discover
a tailoring trauma now surrounds the tradition of papal robes.
That link is to Deutsche Welle reporting that:
"With his penchant for designer eyewear
and Italian shoes, Pope Benedict XVI is becoming an unlikely style
icon. A man who knows what he likes, he has now caused a stir by
apparently switching tailors".

Gammarelli has been the papal tailor for more than 200 years,
but cassocks flew in the wind over the unfortunate inaugural hemline issue,
and now the new tacker Mancinelli, established only 20 years,
has the inside leg running.
It takes some political effort to dress in a stately way ,
when one is the centre of attention everywhere one goes,
so this heathen atheist salutes you - Il Papa.