26 January 2017

pets + pythons

Lucky I came inside via the front door to see this snake at the end of the hall, or I would have stood right on it and been bitten, 50 kms from A&E. It was curled up at the back screendoor and turned to regard me. Idiotically my first thought was to record it against those who may not believe me.
My second thought was to get Jack Kelpie off the back doorstep and tied away safely. I owed him that as he saved me from opening the back door and standing right on Monty Python who would have swiftly leapt up at me.
Jack always jumps around and trips me up, and that is the reason I went to the front door after some long hours doing yardwork. My property is for sale and keeping 1.5 acres mowed and neat is a full time job for one who moves arthritically slow.
Foolish but necessary to disperse Monty, I propped the screendoor open to aid his egress. He eyed me sinuously. Then I grabbed a long-handled shovel and went back through front door to encourage him to more suitable environs. He did not want to go either. Under the house now, or further I hope. It was olive green with a pale chest and could have been an Olive Python, or a tiger snake in disguise.
Then I discovered he had crapped on the rug in the living room. I suppose owners of pet reptiles have that all the time.
My pet is Lily goat, who is endlessly funny, so here she is