06 July 2016

Wannon Falls 3300

Often I drive from Hamilton to Coleraine and pass these giant boomerang gates.
This delirious sculpture [no designer credited sadly] was erected at theWorld Of Waterfalls"> Wannon Falls Reserve entrance in 1963 on the Centenary of Dundas Shire being established for the area around Hamilton. Follow that Shire link to read about the 1.32 million sheep here.
"World Of Waterfalls">Wannon Falls have been the consistent subject of significant art including works by some of Australia's most celebrated colonial artists, such as Nicholas Chevalier, Eugene von Guerard, Louis Buvelot, S. T. Gill and Thomas Clark." - more detail from Victorian Heritage database. Here is an image [thank you Goobertron at Panoramio] of the actual waterfall, an anti-climax after the reserve gates in my opinion.
Swiss painter Buvelot was there in 1868. The Queensland Art Gallery has this one -
The Art Gallery of NSW has Russian Nicholas Chevalier's 1860's depiction, but chooses not to share it anywhere, and the National Gallery of Victoria chooses to not display this 1857 ink work by Eugene von Guerard:
and in 1860 Thomas Clark "a terrific painter" gave it his best shot -
. Out here in regional Victoria where there is less of a 'built environment', history is more evident to a modern traveller, and I cannot help thinking of the 1860's being a traffic gridlock of all the artists passing each other as they came and went on the roads between their scenes.
A waterfall is a wondrous thing, but it doesn't beat those boomerangs. The Western District rocks.