11 November 2014

Lest we forget

10:58am on 11/11 and I am way out in the paddocks of the western district, having a silent minute and thinking of my quiet, gentle GrandFather who enlisted from Hamilton, Victoria when it was 'The Wool Capital Of The World'.
I have a copy of his entire WW1 record and wonder about his father's thoughts as he signed the permission form so this country teenager could go off to Europe as his 3 brothers had already. One awarded The Military Medal in his mounted unit the legendary Australian Light Horse Brigade.
I can hardly bear to think of those bastard Turkish and how our guys wept and shot their loyal Walers rather than leave them behind to the cruelty that seems endemic to all nations of swarthy nose-y types. fkn arabs gypos and the rest.
Miraculously, all four of my GreatGrandfather's sons returned from that filthy war.
The face of the eighty-six year old man above tells no lies. His was 'Mentioned In Despatches, as they call it, for his tenacity and bravery driving truckloads of ammunition to replenish those other mad brave Aussies punching above their weight on the Hindenberg Line. Some of them had already fought and amazingly survived Gallipoli.  It took them seventeen months of battle to push the German invasion back over that demarkation named 'the Hindenberg line' to where they came from.
Today I shall not even glance at my German car as I bless my Pop and wish he was here.