26 March 2009

Got the clap

I love reading The Guardian.
Today they got my attention with that old photo of a 
shirtless Mick Jagger doing Jumpin Jack Flash
(yes kiddies there was a golden age of those wizened old millionaires)
...   then (David McNamee) tells me that clapping ...

"Slapping your hands together was a signal to those around that you were infected
(so now I understand how Winy Amehouse and Pete Drugerty get applause)

"Eventually it became a token of applause, a way of keeping time, and then, by the 1800s, 
a musical device in its own right.
How does it work? In disco and funk, group handclaps would reinforce the snare drum, usually on the second or fourth beat of a bar.
With the advent in the early 1980s of handclap-emulating
devices like the Simmonds Clap-Trap,

claps in hip-hop replaced the snare entirely.
The playground rhyme catchiness of handclaps in 60s girl-group hits, meanwhile, lives on in retro-loving, faux-naive indie-pop."

My Sixties Time-Warp mind immediately conjures up a 1965 Melbourne hit-single 
'The Loved One' ...  "Two things marked that landmark recording - the unique double rhythm, a complex musical achievement made accessible by a clever use of handclapping; and Gerry Humphries’ sometimes bluesy, sometimes soaring voice. ‘The Loved One’ was like nothing we’d ever heard before, from Australia or from anywhere else in the world".

Clapping Games: Larrikin Warren Fahey managed to videotape schoolgirls 
without causing a Henson-type-ruckus, and this dear little site starts with a cute Blinky Bill koala image,  and ends with a Year 6 game called Dick Flop.
That causes me to try working in a reference to that AC/DC composition 'She's Got The Jack', bringing this whole story back to the cholera connection.

goes off singing the Playschool song:
"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!
  If you've got a deadly illness clap your hands!" ...