18 September 2016

Western District awash

The farm fence was submerged this week by all the rain here in the Coleraine area. Hibernating snakes all got a wet wake up and a sheep was swimming down the street in Casterton.
This image is the same place as the one above, taken from the bridge the next day with all the flotsam caught in the fence wire. Bit of work ahead to replace it all. At least the dams and tanks are all full.
This image of the nearby Nigretta Falls

is from The Age and please do click this link to it's entry World Of Waterfalls. Not only did flying kangaroos wreck their rental and inspire them to publish several images of kangas leaping across their bows but they went in November when the falls were dry - here is their image of that:
World Of Waterfalls I wish they could see it now.


  1. I bet the locals found the title "World Of Waterfalls" quite ironic. Most years are drought-filled and frightening; then the other years are flood-filled and friqhtening.

  2. I hope you have sent them the photo.

  3. Wowsers. That is quite a change. I suspect an almost overnight change.
    Even dry those falls are dramatic.
    Sigh on the tangling with a roo front. They are so not alone there. On a recent country drive we were appalled at the amount of road kill.

  4. I love a sunburnt country
    A land of sweeping plains
    Of rugged mountain ranges
    Of droughts and flooding rains

    I'm amazed I can still remember the words of this poem which we had to recite regularly in primary school, but it does ring true of OZ in the main.

    It certainly has been a wet winter and spring this year.

    1. my age group had that poem drummed into us and why not. It was written as an answer to that "oh to be in England, now that Spring is there ... " one. on behalf of mad annie odyne, Thanks for your visit