11 June 2016

Casterton's Annual Kelpie Muster

Well darling readers I was there this morning for the 20th annual shebang and this pic is the actual muster where skilled working dogs compete on the banks of the Glenelg River. Below are the other competitors mounted and waiting with their dogs.
Dogs dogs woof woof it was dog city from far and wide you wouldn't believe the range of number plates from distant places. The next pic is my friend Julie Honey and her famous clever dog FLASH a rare Miniature Kelpie - he's the one in the red bow tie winning the Kelpie Egg&Spoon Race in the main Street.
I mainly shopped the muster - the stubby holder, bumper sticker and food food food. Tomorrow is the great auction of talented dogs where they go for thou$and$.  I don't really need a pet but I may be a sucker for the concurrent auction of a special edition VicRoads rego plate with a Kelpie on it. Watch the freeways my friends. Woof Woof.


  1. What a treat of a day you had. I do love working dogs. So very clever. Frequently cleverer than the owner.
    I grew up with German Shepherds (learned to walk pulling myself up on his tail, and teethed on his ears). My father used to give exhibitions with him doing 'man work'. Father in padded suit (which was needed). He finished the act by tossing the lead for the savage dog to his toddler daughter who led the dog out of the ring. And my eyes are leaking remembering...

    1. oh thanks El Chi - Shepherds are in that Top 5 Intelligence with Kelpies, BCollies and Poodles, and what a thrilling memory to have, leaking now or not [and I am too]. My friend above with Flash had Wirth's parents. I envy her childhood with elephants.

  2. My family always had a big, intelligent working dog that earned its keep - kelpie, collie, labrador. Not like those little toy dogs that sit on the owner's lap all day.

  3. You are sounding awfully like a country chick.

  4. Tell me you bought a stuffed Kelpie to sit beside the window in memory of Kitty. And I hope you didn't bring anything home on your boots. Country food, I'm drooling at the thought.

  5. Having this week seen the wonderful NZ film "The Hunt for the Wilderpeople", finally getting around to reading this blog post is the icing on the cake. Kelpies are great dogs. There used to be a guy in my partying circle who had one called Chainsaw.