31 January 2016

The Quarrymen rock the west

Yesterday I got this image of a western district quarry when I went there to order some driveway surfacing.
It was beyond fascinating and sorry to say it is also beyond my descriptive capability to do the thrill any justice. Of course there was a huge huge tiered hole in the earth and many trucks. Actually there was every truck ever used by three generations of quarrymen. They could sell tickets it was so amazing. However, the guy asked me not to reveal the location "if you put that photo on the internet". I hope you like it as much as I do.  It's the earth's crust, people.


  1. Machinery! Fascinating. So they will do you the polished granite driveway?

    1. hello darling cameraface - I can detect your 'tone' there with that machinery? ... fascinating ha ha. but really it was a stonkifying sight to see 50+ old old trucks all over the place. going over to your Musical Monday now ... mwah mwah

  2. Wow, wow and wow.
    And I am joining Andrew to ask what sort of driveway you are planning?

  3. Good morning El Chi, thrilled to see you. Just plain old crushed cement screenings. They compact down to a smooth surface and the whole thing is needed so the car doesn't get bogged in the winter mud here. Just a big circle in front of the front door - there is no 'front' fence just some trees.

  4. Haven't you got the fences up yet? I love the 'don't reveal the location' as if 50 trucks a la 'Mad Max' would front up to steal the precious dirt.