30 December 2015

Cape Bridgewater, 3305 Vic.

St. Stephen's Day having lunch at the cafe on the beach with my friend Stephen and a walk through the fascinating rocky limestone tundra with mystical wind turbines all round. Packed with visitors and hikers and all wonderful - read this and then GO there.


  1. What a wonderful place. I am a tad jealous - but v happy for you.

  2. It can be difficult to admit liking wind turbines in the landscape but I do. Look how they are peaking above the dunes.

  3. What a pleasant spot to spend Christmas. Lucky you!

    Best wishes for a spectacular 2016

  4. I came here looking for photos of the Blue Lake, get your act together O'Dyne.

  5. darling JT, slatternly ODyne apreciates your visit and wishes to advise that she has her act together but she can't pick it up.
    Mt Gambier has SINKHOLES which are hilarious. who knew?
    is now rushing off to celmemorate Invasion Day at Merino pub.
    Tina Arena who has lived in Paris for 20 yrs gets an Aus Day gong and I don't. funny country. you should get one too. x x