30 November 2015

Yulecart 3301

I hope your weekend was as funny as mine. I saw the Yulecart Agricultural Show. There were ponies of course and inside the Heritage listed bluestone hall there were roses and wool.
The hall was built by the community using bluestone recycled from Strathkellar Homestead. The names on the prizewinning exhibits were the same dozen as on the boards displaying those who served in the 1914 war and the 1939 war. There's a continuity out here in the country.


  1. Agricultural shows are THE BEST. I also love the artistically arranged preserves. That continuity was v evident in the shows I went to as well.

  2. Didn't I tell you to plant roses, it's in your genes. You'll be taking up dyeing and spinning next. I expect a hippie scarfe for next winter.

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere Ms O'Dyne. Haven't been to an Ag Show since childhood - sounds rather rustic and quaint.

    1. Good to see you Cat Politics. My new life west of Hamilton has been too busy to play much online. Regional ag shows are still untouched by the hideous corporate RASV style. The food was by the local CWA, not by Spotless Inc.

  4. oh JahTeh, no time for crafts of any kind. every day packed with other stuff.
    Thank you dear El Chi - I always loved the colours of Fowlers jar vegetables at the RASV attended every year through 50's and 60's so my Nan transposed to Melb from the country would meet her farmer pals from the very area where I now [most happily] live.