08 February 2014

a Claytons post

Forty degrees is only funny for the first week. Now I want it to stop.
I got the potato crop in. More than this amount, with no care whatsoever, and all from a few Past Their UseBy leftovers that I flung against the back fence. Lots of potato recipes on the food boards at Pinterest where I have taken up residence trading with JahTeh - see link in sidebar.
This is my Kooka friend who has a baby, or Early Kooka, up in the high trees waiting for mince deliveries. Why do I feed them mince? I want to distract them from eating the tiny lizards of course.
Going away now to Google "heat stroke"
x x


  1. Your spuds did better than mine - they tasted good (much better than store bought) but too few for the amount of effort and water.

  2. Lovely photos - congrats on the spuds - and also the Early Kooka reference - we had one at home when I was very young and then I didn't see one until that gripping 1995 ABC-TV mini-series Blue Murder.

    Good luck beating the heat

  3. Please remind me not to whine about the cold weather when it arrives.

  4. How cute having a kookaburra in your garden. I believe it is better to feed them pet mince, with extra good things, rather than human mince meat.

  5. Thank you for that Andrew as I did not know there was a difference. However, the garden is crawling with tiny lovely (ant eating) lizards and all the large birds like to eat them, so if IGA Premium Mince is bad for Magpies, Kookas and Currawongs, then it is only Divine Retribution.
    Face to face with the food chain is not pretty.