04 September 2013

vote early

Today at The Guardian - 'whistleblowers play a crucial role in keeping the "public reason" alive. Assange, Manning, Snowden, these are our new heroes, exemplary cases of the new ethics that befit our era of digitalised control. They are no longer just whistleblowers who denounce the illegal practices of private companies to the public authorities; they denounce these public authorities themselves when they engage in "private use of reason".

We need Mannings and Snowdens in China, in Russia, everywhere. There are states much more oppressive than the US – just imagine what would have happened to someone like Manning in a Russian or Chinese court (in all probability no public trial). However, one should not exaggerate the softness of the US: true, the US doesn't treat prisoners as brutally as China or Russia – because of its technological priority, it simply does not need the brutal approach (which it is more than ready to apply when needed). In this sense, the US is even more dangerous than China insofar as its measures of control are not perceived as such, while Chinese brutality is openly displayed.

It is therefore not enough to play one state against the other (like Snowden, who used Russia against the US): we need a new international network to organise the protection of whistleblowers and the dissemination of their message. Whistleblowers are our heroes because they prove that if those in power can do it, we can also do it.'


  1. Hey Ann do you know if the wikileaks party are running a candidate for the senate in victoria? I'm not even sure if that's right -- are senate candidates state-specific?

    Anyway, I was looking at this
    yesterday and I didn't see any wikileaks party on there.

  2. Vote early I will.
    I am off to choose the least bad options tomorrow. Which will not be as easy this year as it has been.
    I would like to put rather a lot of candidates to the bottom. Sigh.
    And I don't want either of the major parties to have complete control. And will vote accordingly...
    And how right you are about our need for whistle blowers. With very large whistles.

  3. Good to see you El Chi, yes "the least vile". Your garden looks fantastic. this spring.

    Yakky - I followed your link and it asked me for my location which is not yours so I put Victoria and it gave me all the existing Senators.

    Go here for names you need.

    "When the history of election day, Saturday Sept 7, significant in Australian history is written, Sunday morning will be for all of us a significant personal moment. By then our role in it will be known not just to ourselves but to the world and to the generations that follow us. We will wake up feeling heroic or we will wake up knowing that for the rest of our lives we will live in regret that we turned our back and looked away. We will live in regret that when one of us, Julian Assange, who has acted to expose evil on an industrial scale was under threat from the British and American governments who would crucify him if they could we failed to stand by him. Such is the course of the journey that is our lives.

    There is still time for all of us to wake up feeling good or dismal about ourselves on Sunday morning but it is passing quickly.

    There is still time to act.

    Go to Kindness House, 288 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy before 6.00 pm Friday Sept 6. Pick up a bundle of how to vote cards and a couple of booth posters. Go to your nearest polling booth and fix the posters to a fence."

  4. Ah yes, I had a closer look and on this page:
    if you select wikileaks party in the dropdown it shows you where WL are sending their preferences if you were to just mark "1" above the line on the senate ballet.

  5. All I will be thinking (aside from the sausages cooking outside), bastards, you've only got three years and next time you'll pay dearly.
    It may not be quite the walkover Abbott wants, I've never heard so many people say they're looking at all the independents.

  6. I Agree 100% they want to know everything about us but nothing about them.Full Support for the wikileaks party!

  7. Hi Tony - me and Annie thank you for travelling so far to comment. Do you know a skinny minnie who would like to receive an Extra Small WLP black Tshirt? I would post it if you do.

    Their HQ is so addled they sent me wrong size. The motto on the back says Courage Is Contagious, the front has their round symbol, the neckline is the girly scoop.
    Our election tomorrow offers no choice at all to the voter, and I only pray that any WLP candidate makes the Senate so we all won't die of boredom over the next 3 years.

  8. JahTeh - good t see ya. I am so glad Blugger is allowing you in.
    Please vote WLP tomorrow, and I have decided to vote 1 ABOVE THE LINE. The election result is going to be so boring all round that if Pauline got in on prefs it would be HILARIOUS.

    Everyone pplease vote early in the day so the TV heads have some WLP results to be astounded by at 6pm -

    Antony Green: "well viewers it looks like all the WLP Senate voters have voted already"

    and remember everybody The Senate approves or rejects the idiocies of the lower House
    the Libs NBN wants to censor bloggers - just Google Barret Brown in the slammer in Texas for publishing a URL on a chatboard, and ask yourself if they won't get in bed with Washington and do the same to us.