10 September 2013

thatched heir

If it looks like a Thatcher and acts like a Thatcher then ... here is our Foreign Minister and her Prues n Trudes. She played hard and dirty sacking by telephone our NY Consul-General Steve Bracks.
If I was as mean as, I would photoshop a face on this -


  1. If I was a technical whizz I would post a face on the cottage.
    She's a despicably stupid woman, and far too quiet for my liking.

  2. She's as cunning as a shouse rat.
    Labor could have done the same thing and ditched Amanda Vanstone from Italy where she was a lot less effective than Steve Bracks.

  3. Not surprised. And a part of me is pleased that they are showing their true (and ugly) colours so rapidly. I cannot wait until they have to negotiate to get things through the Senate...

  4. How clever, and nice work by Fen too.

  5. Only trouble is,that loyal girl would take anyassociation with Thatcher as a compliment and go even harder. Like Elephant's Child, my hope is that they try to do everything they've always wanted to and promptly alienate the swinging voters who put them in.

    I also wonder how long before News Ltd start holding them to account?