08 September 2013

one foot in the grave

(abbott image from seanbedlams twittr)


  1. I wish I didn't. I am not going to watch or listen to the news this week. The smugfest will do my head in (further).

  2. El Chi, thanks for calling in. In Senate voting I cannot believe that the SEXParty got 43000 Primary votes and neither can the FamilyFirst Fundies who only got 33,000.

    WikiLeaks got 25,666 which is 10 times the membership of the party.
    Republicans only got 141 so there will be no Second Referendum as has been mentioned lately.

    The RiseUp party is just One Nation with another name and they got 20,000 primary votes away from actual One Nation with 189.

    The Animals got 14000 and the Shooters got 17000 so that's bad.

    Christians 10000, Cars 11000 Dope 12000 votes. but what stunned me is that 81,000 gave their primary vote to Clive Palmer.

  3. I couldn't believe Clive Palmer either.
    I really want to see the numbers of informal votes across the country.
    Loved how the HeraldScum printed a list of members leaving with their pensions including Julia. She's left her working class home in Vic to buy a $2million beachside bungalow in SA. Only $2m, must be almost a slum and since she's left politics, what business is it of ours what she does with her life. Right at the bottom of the article they did mention that the rules have changed now to bring Parliament pensions in line with ordinary people, right at the end of the article.

  4. Hi Jahteh - $2mill doesn't buy very much 'near the beach' and good luck to her.
    My favourite parliamentary life pension story is athol*fkn*Guy of the Sookers who was an MP who retired sick ... and then that stupid group went on a revival tour. too sick for what Ath baby? rock n roll.

    The informal are currently at 104,000 but most of that would be obscene drawing related. someone photographed a ballot and posted it on TwitsRus saying this is what the scrutineers face all the time.
    Those sort of people would have voted for the sex/dope/shooters anyhow.
    Did I mention one of the cake stalls made $3500?
    one sold cupcakes with iced portraits of Him and Him (red smugglers and black specs)

  5. It was inevitable wasn't it? Oh well, this gives me a good excuse to finally get started on that bunker of mine. xx

  6. Ripper post. Succinct and to the point, but then I am reminded of the tortoise.

  7. The only plus to come out of all this is that to preserve the dignity of the high office to which he's been elected, he'll have to ditch the budgie smugglers.
    Oh please say he'll have to.

  8. he will probably wear them when he goes straight to the big UN thing in NYC that Australia is either hosting or ... starring in or something.
    Just as Hilary Clinton said about her and hers "you two for the price of one" I am going to always call them The Abbott Twins.
    Marggi HAS TO get some length on her buzzcut.

  9. Worked at a booth on Saturday. [I know, I know, breach of the what's left of the pubic service act]- bite me.

    The most common comment about the senate paper was "a roll of dunny paper - just what they need".

    Where I was working, I was shocked by how few informal votes there were. People seem to have been more pissed off with Labor than they were frightened of Rabbit.

    Only two sets of genitalia [one of each]. Only one word much like that above, above the Rabbit's head. Fewer below the liners than I expected - but one strong statement that above the line voting is mindless.

    The only good thing about Saturday was earning a few dollars. Oh, and not feeling sick watching the experts on the teev as the numbers started trickling through.

  10. dear Fruits - next time those micro-specific parties will not get a go. I know that there has to be 500 paid-up members before a candidate can nominate for the Senate and then all that would comprise the nomination fee. A lot of effort for People Who Like To Motor, Like To Fish, Like Sex, Jesus and Dope etc. I voted above the line and I did it correctly. The AEC page tells me they have not begun to tabulate them yet but they are 3%.

    and OMG you were awake too.

  11. Compulsory voting is a double-edged sword, especially where the Senate is concerned. And as for budgie smugglers, the word is out that they'll take a back seat to full lycra. Jesus Wept!!!

  12. Unfortunately Nelly, you were right on the ball, film of him on the news in full regalia. Funniest comment I heard was that he was the only bloke that looked good in one of those helmets because it was the same shape as his head. snicker.