30 September 2013

behind every successful man

Over at Twuntr, Scott Clarke  aka @Winetosser posits beautifully:

Peta: How did you handle the press?
Tony: I ran away.
Peta: You what?
Tony: I ran away and they chased me. It was cool. I won!

Peta: Did you say anything to them?
Tony: Nuh
Peta: Anything?
Tony: I might have told them
 to fuck off but they were chasing me. 

In this image, his Chief Of Staff Ms Peta*Credlin, is watching her PM giving a speech during the previous election campaign.

This is my photo. The stiletto heeled shoe came out of the ComCar first and alone, then the foot went into it. I liked her right from that moment.
Of course she is a Western District girl. They had driven that day from a Ferntree Gully speech to a 1pm Ballarat Party faithful gathering by invite.
See how tall she is - TA has to look up to her. Between these two photos they had a heads-together exchange, and before, he looked over at me to see if I was snapping them so I didn't.
Then The Candidate strides up a bluestone lane to a crowd waiting outside The Mining Exchange where local LIB members are waiting at an invitation-only occasion. HE immediately embraced the cardigan women waving placards protesting about puppy farms. It was genius for the next day front page Ballarat Courier, with him holding them and them holding small fluffy doglets.  Then he disappeared into the venue. The choice of ignoring several other organised banner wavers for the doggy sweeties was clearly arranged by cellphone well before he even turned that historic corner.
I would love to be that Malcolm Tucker puppeteer. I wonder if Ms Peta swears at Mr Rabbit?
I'd love to do that too.
Her husband is Bri Loughnane the LIB Party Director. It can't be easy. Do follow that link to a LIB refugee joke website he authorised and which will no doubt be taken down any minute.
UPDATE 25/10: it has it was, it's gone. the cartoon refugee boats LIB joke has gone. weasels. Now the schoolboy snipers pretend to be leaders they remove evidence of their nasty side.


  1. Quite an unprofessional effort authorised by a Liberal Party director.

  2. I knew this government was going to sicken me but it has surpassed its vile self in such a short time.

  3. Echoing JahTeh. And I am appalled by the 'we won't tell you anything about asylum seekers, we won't tell you about the boats - but we will stop them'. Trust me, I am a politician...

  4. Wonderful post, m'dear. Can't wait til Abbott does a really serious dummy-spit, hopefully in an internationally conspicuous situation. It will happen!

  5. Perhaps it's because there has been SO much tasteless crap around I've become inured to it [sad in itself] but I had to watch the clip three times to get the "joke".

    Can't believe he's no idea he should be embarrassed putting his name to such a clip.

  6. Still up. Better artwork than from Bill Leak in the Oz. There are some days his work is just unintelligible, but then again, it is the Oz.

    Remember that meme that pops up occasionally? How women aren't funny? It's not women, it's right-wingers who aren't funny.

  7. Hi LadLitter - Bill Leak at least has the excuse that he got brain injured when fell off Singo's balcony while they were both having a drink.
    The perfect example of your Unfunny Rightwingers is the Vinkelwoss Twins who sued The Zuck claiming they thought of The FaceBook first.
    I do have to concede that P J O'Rourke has made me laugh, and Joan Rivers is ultra Right and resents all welfare.
    That's So Pants blog in her latest post mentions that Abbott's team are so worried he will say something that will start a war, that they have gagged him. worth a visit.
    Because everyone who came here before 1900 was trying to escape something, I think we have a nerve objecting to refugees. I think objectors are just indicating that they have no faith that our government, the government of us, is too incompetent to actually manage refugees, ie weed out the crims. that. is. all.
    x x