05 July 2013

on the road again

The past week has been spent in constant motion up and down stairs and highways and discovering (as artist Jeffrey Smart did) there is a definite transport aesthetic. He was a master of painted 'stillness' and on the freeway when every car is doing the same speed it seems that nobody is moving at all.
I suppose that whichever foreign company owns Eastlink is proud of how it looks, and they are rewarded by the tolls I just checked accumulating on my Mastercard statement. 1397 kilometres of White-Line Fever and passing the sign above on my three 6-hour Ballarat-Rosebud return trips.
The final return was made late at night with very light traffic and I was glad it was the most pleasant of the drives.
These images are not my own, but I would really like to drive it again as a passenger with a good camera.
Why was I on the road?  Because I have no siblings on whom to dump the task of moving my 90-y-o father from his luxury retirement resort into the care home he should have  gone into 2 years ago.  He was assessed as 'needing care' in August 2011, and in October 2011 he sold his beachside house at $30,000 less than he could have got if he had not let the agent tell him what price to ask.  The second inspection bought it 3 days after the agreement to sell was signed. 3 days.
Then he bought into the retirement village lifestyle of bistro dining and golf.
I despair.
But wait there's more.
Philanthropy became his main interest and despite his Parkinson's shakey hands making his signature completely alien, his bank processed cheques of $5000 each to The Flying Doctor, Peter McCallum Institute, Guide Dogs, Asthma Foundation, Rosebud Hospital, Beluera Hospital, etc etc (and many more, as well as $40,000 to a cousin in QLD that I have never met).
Today will be spent writing to all of them to change his address to mine so that the future flood of their begging letters can be ignored.
He flung me "$50 for petrol" without a word of thanks for all my fatigue, so I am now happily free of any and all obligation and I won't have to squabble with siblings over whatever happens next.

I did however take enormous pleasure tooling up the freeways for 3 hours at night singing along to old GOLD-FM rock and now have a T-Rex earworm I am just a vampire for your love
 ... dom dom dom-dom  ergg-ergg-ergg
... dom dom dom-dom  ergg-ergg-ergg


  1. I feel your fatigue. Physical and emotional. And interesting that philanthropy flies far from home. Did $50 make a dent in your petrol bills?
    Glad that you got some pleasure out of it, and are now obligation free.

  2. Mr Magoo is off the road then. We should be relieved. Spending the kids inheritance is great when the kids are young but not so good when they get a little older, and not when the money is wasted.

  3. Thanks for your visit El Chi and not the slightest dent thank you for getting straight to the heart of the matter, and Andrew - he was trying to get rid of his cash so the Veterans Affairs would not revoke his Gold Card. Not very bright, and yes we are glad he had that March collision in Thornbury which lost him his licence. Such a relief it wasn't on a freeway with injuries to innocent drivers.

  4. I haven't had to do this, but I have an absentee brother and I feel your pain at being the only one to do all the jobs.

  5. Thank heavens you organised the redirection.

    Maybe you could call the cousin in Queensland for help with any follow-up care.

    The song is somehow appropriate.

    Take care,


  6. Hello Annie...just cognito and all that.

  7. Those images look terrific Ann - I have to confess to liking the sci-fi feel of a lot of freeway vistas

    good luck with dad and your extended family

  8. I'm sure I read somewhere that you were once associated with SennaLink? He could have gifted you that money, amortized over 5 years for means test purposes [unless the rules have changed]. I had two siblings and it made no difference. Shan't bore you with the travails, but know where you are coming from.

    Laughed hysterically when I finally read my mother's will. A last opportunity for revenge for some imagined character flaw.
    And my niece who visited her with great grandchildren never rated a mention, while the nephew she had long before dismissed as just a poof did. Ironically, there are insufficient funds for anyone to get a cent. Take that, you old cow.

  9. Thanks [miscellany], Petticoats, LadL and Lord Nelson. Fruity I did answer the phones at Sennalink in 1998 and could write a hilarious book if only I hadn't signed the official secrets act. He has left me everything (ie whatever is left after his public philanthropy) but is unable to be civil or polite in life.
    Similar to your story, my darling Nan asked for him every day when she was dying and he never went near her or to her funeral. Funeral hilarity has provided well for movies and TV, so there must be a fair bit of it in real life. I heard of one where there was a police car at the back of the church expecting violence. Funeral directors could probably write hilarious books too.

  10. Have you taken a spray can to the bonnet of Magoo's car yet?? Much love, Nelly M.