14 July 2013

new news

"NEWS Limited is changing its name as part of the split of parent company News Corporation into two entities. From July 1 the local arm of the company, which becomes part of the 'new' News Corporation, will be known as News Corporation Australia "   (LARA SINCLAIR From: The Australian June 26, 2013)'

"Our new brand and logo have been designed to support a more coherent and logical identity across the globe, and to emphasise the central part we play in the network of the best companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education and information services.  As News Corp Australia, we will build on our heritage of world-class journalism and entrepreneurialism, taking risks and innovating in order to win.'

From my own personal experience studying business at tertiary level I can tell you that hours are frittered away on that meaningless mumbo jumbo. They could not innovate or take risks without Australia in their name?

There is one standout thing about MurdCorpLtd though. Right now in Sun Valley Idaho, every really really rich business mogul is at a confab. Mostly they are old paunchy ugly and tonsorially challenged but  the only guy there who isn't ugly is Lachlan Murdoch.  Australia wins again .
(is he one of us? whatevs. probably the only Australian there at all.)

The link goes to 41 images of the people who spend money you paid for their movies, books, games, news and social media. 
Do you think Rupert looks suddenly sparkily single and eligible?


  1. oh wow, couldn't they just have whipped out their HUGE knives and shown everyone that? I mean, they would have got he picture then, right?

  2. An interesting corporeal transformation as well as corporate.
    [MudCorp... snort]

  3. Fortunate for MurdCorp that the t key is not near the m key.

  4. He's a very 'umble man, so 'ee is, m'lud.

  5. Horrible Horrible People.

  6. thank you M, Fruitcake, Andrew, and from their heatwave - George on the river, and Tony from Everton.
    That "Humblest day of my life" response by Rupert was dreamed up by his generals, to be the next day news soundbite ... until Mr PIE arrived and ruined their scheme. Rupe is so wily I cannot help thinking this news corp/ltd split and the Deng Wen Di split are connected, and also the split a week before, of the Financial CEO after decades with the company. All blown off the front pages by Saatchi v Saatchi Round 1 prizefight.
    I did fall over a blog new to me, Chairman Manka, and its' astute Murdoch insider stuff is worth the clickthrough. X X

  7. Today 6th September, Clive Palmer claimed that Deng Wen Di was a military trained spy and when asked for proof he said "just Google it".
    So I did. and one of the things I found was at 16th June 2013
    Wendi may not go quietly
    'A fundamental problem for Rupert Murdoch as he embarks on this divorce is a clash of cultures. Thinking in Western terms, he and his lawyers may imagine that what the prenuptial contract says goes. This is not how things work in the East. As decades of American interaction with East Asian businesses have consistently shown, contracts mean nothing. What matters is power. Those who have it dictate the terms.

    A further cultural point is also relevant. It is considered fair game in East Asia for people to pry into their spouses’ lives – and this goes even in happy marriages. In extreme cases prying might involve audio and even video recording. Of course, spying on one’s spouse is not limited to East Asia but the difference is that in East Asia there is no obloquy: basically Murdoch may have imagined the encounter was being played by Queensberry rules when in reality this is kick-boxing.

    The current face-off cannot be understood without considering the history. It seems clear that Murdoch learned the full details of Deng’s “controversial” past only after he married her, and then only from reading an account in the Wall Street Journal in 2000 (long before the paper was purchased by his News Corporation in 2007). The next key event seems to have been a television interview in 2006 in which he announced that the two daughters he had with Deng would not inherit the same voting rights in the Murdoch empire as the four children from his earlier marriages. His decision seems to have been influenced by her past – and it seems to have gone a long way towards the final breakdown of the marriage.

    If this inference is correct (and all the circumstantial evidence from various people who know the couple suggests it is), Deng has had many years to prepare for this moment. She must moreover be counted a particularly determined opponent.

    The main issue here would appear to be equal treatment for her children in the Murdoch empire’s unusual voting structure (it seems they will be treated equally in purely financial terms). If they get equal voting rights and Murdoch passes on before they reach majority, Deng would presumably vote on their behalf — and would wield almost one-third of the entire Murdoch family’s votes. Given that Murdoch’s four children from his previous marriages do not always pull together, the implication is that she would end up, for a time at least, controlling one of the world’s most powerful media empires.